Wednesday 27 January 2010

Bad day at Black rock

Well today I would just like to say is a bad day!!!!!! I feel like crap to be quite blunt about it, I have a cold, only a little sniffle or 2 but enough with the ME to make me feel, how did I put it? oh yes CRAP. It is no longer a case of sick husband in this house but sick wife.

It is amazing how such a little sniffle can make your whole day such hard work, mind you I had had a busy weekend. Darn Childe and her tribe. We had a lovely weekend though, I love my little shadow, that's my Grandson, he follows me everywhere and wants to do everything that Chouet does even to the extent of being cleansed, toned and moisturised with Liz Earle in the morning. We won't mention his make-up application that would just be mean. A photo would have been good but I never think of these things til too late. My Grand-daughter or the Pink Poppet as I call her just bustles around the house very importantly moving all out of her way, well she is only 19mths, oh yeah and doubles as a mountain goat. Climbs everything, not a nervous bone in her. Still as much as I love them all to pieces I do sink into a small pile of exhausted Chouet after they have gone. It does take me a while to recover, sshh don't let the Childe hear that, she won't visit again and then what will I do for snuggles?

More paragraphs said husband, he asks he gets. Today bad day, that's right, I seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time doing stuff with very little to show for it which is so frustrating. It was important stuff, wording for Childe wedding invites, sorting out budget for said wedding, having a massage, but golly I'm pooped now and all things seem to be going wrong, the fire is either smoking or going out, my fingers will not type properly, my nose is dripping, yada yada yada. I have to cook as well....

I am on this instance the queen of left-overs. Left over carrot/butternut squash soup ( that is itself was left-overs) left over lamb and some veggies, all squidged in together with a tin of toms and some thinly sliced potato on top, it will either rock or will be inedible. Do I care? Coz all I really want to eat is Chocolate, toast and crisps...

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