Saturday 2 January 2010

Who am I

Who am I? That is a good question. Do I go for the existential aspect of this? Course not. I am many things. I am happy. I am a wife, I am a witch, I am called the oracle by friends and family ( annoyingly I have a vast font of useless and sometimes useful knowledge), I am a grandmother by adoption, I love life, laughter, food and wine. Golly this could go on for ever, that's it a quick precis of who I am.

I have M.E (aka CFS) and fibromyalgia, I am gluten and dairy intolerant but I let none of this affect me if I can. I am disabled, so what, I will wear high heels if I want to, If I can't walk I might as well not walk in style! I am a green at heart but drive a huge Chelsea Tractor, comfort has to win sometimes over policy. I try to offset this, honest I do.

Today was a strange day in planet jaywitch. husband is ill, poor chap some hideous vomiting/diarrhoea bug, and in bed for 2nd day of the New Year, so I decided to de-christmas the house, slowly but surely I took down all the lights, decorations and trees. It is now bare! I like the Christmas decos but I do get bored of them but once they're down I miss them! Nothing consistent about me!!! Well that's the 2nd day of 2010 done and dusted what's next?

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