Monday 18 January 2010

Monday Mutterings

I think I am suffering from shopping withdrawl symptoms, actually there is no think about it, I know I am, I got excited when nice husband took me to Homebase on Saturday. How sad is that? We also carpet shopped and that wowed me too. I am having a bad M.E experience at the moment and this is reflected in my position; on the settee. It is annoying and painful and I absolutely loathe being like this, I know that after nearly 21 years I should be used to it but every time I get like this again I realise that like many things I forget how bad it can be. One of the worst aspects is my inability to get out of the house...That is bad, good for my money but bad for my soul. I do believe that I am so much better if I can out in the world, have a coffee and maybe throw a little shopping spree. As a witch you would think that I might be on a higher plain, maybe more spiritually aware or wishing to go and commune with nature, but no, I am definitely of the more mundane, everyday spiritual mold. I can appreciate the beauty of nature in most things, the higher planes to life but I do love a good pair of shoes or a great hand-bag. I get a thrill in the cook shop at all the gadgets that I have yet to buy and probably have no use for and all the beautiful array of bake-ware, I love to run my fingers over throws and cushions for the soft tactile pleasure of it, perfume and make-up adorn me and make me smile with glee at the change I will hopefully behold in my face, the packaging is a pleasure in itself, book shops make me quiver with the delight of opening a new novel and losing myself for hours in another world, but my heart truly does belong to shoes, those wonderful, shiny, oh so tempting shoes that lure me into trying them on and demanding that I buy these leg lengthening, calf thinning, improbably high, wonders that I may only wear once but will look at and cherish, who then lead me to the hand-bags because each new pair of shoes really needs just the right perfect hand-bag to go with them. Yep I was right I am having shopping withdrawl.... Tomorrow I shop. Look out world.

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