Friday 8 January 2010

Grumpy Friday

I would like to announce that sick husband is no longer sick, he has been renamed annoying husband. Possibly due to the vast length of time that he has been at home, working from home before Christmas due to snow, Christmas shut-down, sick husband week and now working from home AGAIN because of snow. It is enough to drive a woman to drink, actually it's Friday night, it's pizza and wine night...OH YES. I am not looking forward to that much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Does sarcasm work without voice inflection?) I know what you are thinking though, how do 2 people who are gluten and dairy intolerant do pizza. I can tell you it is quite easy and as a few of my friends can attest it is quite yummylicious too. Friday night is also tv night, it is the one night of the week that I become a dedicated tv viewer and if there is nothing on the box there is always downloads. Sssh don't tell anyone. Food is on a tray, wine is in the glass, feet are up and viewing goggles are on. Ahhhh bliss.

I had a phone call with Mother today and she is reading my blog, Hi Mum... ttying to comment but we need to work on that. She mentioned that I had not blogged yesterday. No I hadn't, we went to work in the snow to sort out a big problem, it took 10 minutes, but still it was nice to see the world all snowy and white, very romantic and pretty if you don't have to live, work, travel etc in it. I did enjoy it but by the time I was home and had done chores I was decidedly grumpy. I have no reason why just was, it might be early onset of the January blues or it could just have been plain old-fashioned exhaustion. Who knows, who cares, dont feel so bad today but that is because it's Friday and time for:

(Gluten and dairy free) Friday night Pizza

250g doves farm flour
175ml soya milk
1 egg
45ml oil

Mix all of the above to a soft and gooey dough, it will not be rollable, kneadable, or anything other than spreadable with a spatula or spoon so please don't try. I either make one deepish 12 inch round or two very thin 12inch rounds, it all depends on my mood. I use baking parchment on a baking tray, this goes in a 200c oven for 15mins and is quite amazing when it comes out, it has air pockets in it which is amazing given that there is no raising ingredient apart from egg.

Whilst this is baking I make the tomato base, I usually use 1 tin of tom puree to 1 tin of water, approx 1 tbsp sugar, a good helping of easy garlic or garlic puree and loads of basil or oregano. If annoying husband wants a spicy pizza I add chilli pepper as well.

Then it's up to taste and preference for toppings, tuna, meat, veg anything goes. I load the cheese on which is not overly health conscious but who cares? I use a mix of Goat's cheese, Sheep's cheese and Buffalo mozzarello, this is more watery than normal pizza mozzarello so I try to squeeze as much liquid out as possible. I always use Pecorino though, this is a Sicilian hard Sheep's milk cheese and is invaluable in cooking it quite happily takes the place of parmesan in most dishes. Once assembled I cook the pizzas for approx 13 minutes til the cheese is how I like it, Goat's and Sheep's milk cheeses do not seem to melt as nicely as dairy but they still taste good, although if you can get hold of Cretan cheeses Graviera and Kefalatori try these because they are delicious and if you do please let me know where from coz I can't find them.

So there it is my Friday night antidote to the blues and annoying husbands.

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