Friday 5 February 2010

It's been a while

Colds are the work of the bad gods, I can't say Devil he is a Christian construct and I am a witch so I will have to make do with bad gods. I felt like a bit of chewed string until Sunday and even then I wasn't quite right. Sigh. I even had to cancel dinner with friends at our favourite Thai, Bangpras. I am sure their green chicken curry would have put me right but I just couldn't manage it, we have rearranged for this Saturday, lets hope I am ok for that. I would not usually comment on me not making things as this is self defeating but I have a sore-throat AGAIN and a sniffle appearing, and yes I can here my girl shouting at me, I have taken First defence, or as she calls it, liquid acid.

I am glad I was feeling a bit better because Wednesday was a day to trip down the M3 to Southampton and go all wedding preparationy. We thought we were organised but then we realised it was 15 weeks to go and there was a very long list of things to do. We put our noses to the grindstones though and sorted out a fair amount in one day, even if we did have to leave Grandad Jon babysitting. At least my girl and I are managing to put him to work even if work isn't. (Sorry Jon). We bought the most beautiful bridesmaids dresses and we were quite lumpy throated and wet eyed at the sight of 2 adorable poppets in their dresses. I was not quite so lumpy throated at the sight of my girl in her wedding bra....

A good job done I reckon on Wednesday but so much more to do. that was enough though, it was time on the calendar for yet another supreme visit from Mother so I picked her up and had company on the drive home,via M&S of course. Not much exciting shopping for me though, a pair of wellies and that was it, my bad shopping run continues. Husband was ok, he got new jeans and grandkids are ok they got new toys for the toy box, Chouet though no such luck.

Tonight of course is Friday and that is of course Pizza and wine night, don't know today which I am excited about more, a cheesy, meaty pizza or lashings of wine. I can't chose so will not and will be doubly excited!

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