Friday 22 January 2010

Golly it's Friday again

It's the end of the week again, and husband who was sick husband again but is now well husband was wondering where my blog had gone to this week. I had to apologise but to due to shopping commitments and M.E there has not been much energy for extraneous bloggings. Did you catch the reference to shopping? The economy is safe for a while, I have been shopping, I have spent money on items that I do not need but appear to be so very necessary to my mental well-being.

Oh I do like good shop, I have mentioned this before I know, Tuesday was deemed my shopping day, my excuse was that I had to go to town to look at carpet!!! In the course of this necessary chore I happened to visit a few shops that are quite dear to my heart. Faith, unfortunately no shoes I liked, Monsoon, ditto with clothes, I was getting worried, no shopping done and so few shops left but I decided to gird my loins and and visit Army and Navy. It was a hard job but someone had to do it. I did get a peculiar look from a sales person when she asked me what I was looking for and I mentioned a tea-pot.... Did I collect them? she asked.... I am now ever so slightly worried that I might look like the sort of person that collects tea-pots!!!!

I did buy a tea-pot though, a gorgeously wonderful designer tea-pot from which my tea pours forth in a glorious non-drip stream and tastes oh so much better. The fact that every time I use it I can remind myself how extravagant the purchase was and smile is an added bonus. I also bought husband a treat too, a cut glass chunky bottomed glass for his G&T. He wanted one, he got one. A small thing but I think I might need to remind him of it as I have just shouted at him and called him a wanker; does a glass make up for this behaviour?

I shopped on Thursday too, it had to be done, Mother was visiting and shopping with Mother is one of those must do activities. Like drinking wine on a Friday night. This time I was restrained and only bought books. 2 new cookery books and more novels, as if I don't borrow enough from the library. The cookery books are so gorgeous I immediately want to go and cook but I have restrained myself, The Hummingbird cake book will come out tomorrow when I cook sort of son-in-law's non birthday birthday cake. They are home from Wales and will be feasting at our place tomorrow. Sainsbury's shelves are now empty and in my fridge and cupcoards waiting for the locusts to descend.

Is it time do you think to go and ply husband with G&T to apologise for name calling?

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