Saturday 9 January 2010

Watery Laptops

Two blogs posted in one day!!!! Whatever is the world coming to? It is my own fault, I decided that my lap-top needed a wash with my drinking water.... not good for it, after a shout to hero husband who came running downstairs to save wifey's lappy it is now battery less and sitting in airing cupboard to dry out. I was therefore even grumpier last night than I started out. Still annoying husband graduated to hero husband for a day, he is now lazy slug husband and I am not sure if he deserves my Chicken, chorizo and bean concoction. Of course I will feed him just not sure if he deserves the repast.

I do, I have been slaving away today sorting out Christmas decorations, finally after years of the same large cardboard boxes stuffed to the gills with smaller boxes all neatly labeled ( anal me?) I have devised a new system. Now I know I am the queen of the decos but I think getting down 6 large boxes and going through them each year was getting me down and to be honest a bit like hard work. Whilst sick husband was sick I took done the decos and couldn't put them away in usual boxes because they were in loft and I don't do the loft, why keep a husband otherwise? The decos needed an alternative storage til boxes could be got down. It just so happened that lying in the garage were 6 nice new plastic boxes with lids just perfect for the job. It was the work of minutes to strip each room and tree ( I have 2) and place all decos in boxes, complete tree in one!!!! I liked this idea and decided I would sort out what was left in the loft when sick husband was no longer sick and tidy up my storage. Job done. Even lazy slug husband approves coz they are more tidy in the loft, yes that is right, said lazy slug was concerned over tidiness!!!! Whatever next??? Consequently though I needed a supper I could shove in oven, and incidentally use up all the cold meat from pizza day. My taste buds started thinking and came up with:

Chicken, chorizo and beans
Now 3 ingredients are a bit obvious and they were not measured, just popped in pan together with 2 onions sweated and garlic and 3 chillis. I like our home grown purple ones coz they have a nice smoky heat.
also in were:

3 tbsps black treacle
3/4 pint veg stock
a large handful dark brown sugar
tin toms
more chilli powder
tin tom puree

all were lumped in together and bunged in oven to cook slowly for 3-4 hours.. I may adjust taste depending on my mood, today I am serving this with roasted carrots and pepper and jacket spuds. A meal suitable for a busy wife and a lazy slug husband.

I have noticed that this bears a distinct hint of my soup from earlier in the week. Easily explained, my taste buds have cycles of tastes and this month's is obviously smoky chilli and tomatoey....

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