Wednesday 6 January 2010

Snow men

Ok so it's snowing, am I the oldest snow man making person? Not a child in sight and there is a rather dashing snowman called Boots sitting in my garden. I admit to not growing up yet and would have loved a snow ball fight but sick husband, who is now not so sick, was on a conference call. How boring is that? I will have to amuse myself by laughing at the silly antics of drivers in the snow. How come in this country we turn into blithering idiots when snow appears?

The snow of course was beautiful to look at but rather stating the obvious it is cold so to that end I decided my soup making skills needed a winter warmth boost. My health kick is off to a good start and I must admit having the sick husband at home to cater for has helped and lets face it it is more difficult to naughtily snack when husband is at large. Goodness knows how I will cope when he eventually gets back to work. Anyway back to my winter warmer, I needed a slightly different variety on veg soup, more hearty and maybe with some warming curryness..

Lentil soup for cold winter days

A large handful or 2 of red lentils
tin of tom puree
boiling water,
chilli powder
garam masala
mixed herbs,
1 or 2 tsp sugar
lemon juice

Rinse lentils and add booiling water, bring to the boil and skim off any foam, add in the tom puree and all the herbs and spice. Now me being me I tend not to measure herbs and spices but just shake in to taste. Taste is such an arbitrary thing that I hate to tell exactly how much chilli etc you would want to use. I simmered this for about 1/2 an hour and servd with hot buttered toast.
Not so sick husband sat down to lunch sniffing queryingly and tentatively tatsing trying to place the tatse, bless his little cottons. He did enjoy his bowl of winter warming lentils though.

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