Monday 4 January 2010

Monday soups

I mistakenly thought that by now the shops would be less crowded and I could pop into town, escaping from still sick husband in the mean time, and have a relatively quiet shop and browse. Not that I need anything in the sales but a new handbag is always an option. So there were queues for the Multi-storey, queues up the High Street but the Goddess smiled on me and I found a nice parking spot right where I needed to be.. woo hoo thought I this bodes well, unfortunately that was it, everywhere was heaving, ug, I hate shops when they are full of amblers and idlers. I shopped for what I wanted and thought a coffee would be a good consolation present. Agghh no, they were queuing out the door, now I am rather partial to a Soya Latte but that was beyond a joke, and it was full of children... shudder. I hightailed it home to fetch myself some lunch and sick husband of course. What was there to eat? Bugger all to be honest so Monday soup was magicked up:

1 tin toms blizted to a pulp
1 tin of whatever beans were in the cupboard, Butter beans to be precise,
1 tin of tomato puree,
1 1/2 tbsp black treacle
alot of chilli pepper,
Basil, a shake of
salt to taste,

Heat, taste, serve.. Yummy after a fruitless shopping day not to mention the bringing in of the logs, laundry and have I mentioned the sick husband?