Monday 1 March 2010

Those pesky kids

I have been sadly out of touch with my blog lately and as the title suggests I blame those pesky grandkids of mine. They have been brought up properly to share, toys, hugs, sweets, even their coughs sneezes and diseases. So sweet. I have managed to avoid colds for some time and yet this year so far I have had 2 colds and latterly a horrible viral cough. Coincidentally I have been spending lots more time with my Baby Monster and the Pink Poppet...hmmmm I smell a rat. I could say that this is giving me time to get in touch with my inner settee self but I am bored with being a settee slug.. whine whine whine.

The ME does not take kindly to me being ill. It sulks! It also doesn't leave me with any oomph for some of my favourite past-times; shopping, cooking, cleaning, coffee. The freezer is looking a bit short on baked goods which I suppose on behalf of my waistline is a good thing, on behalf of my taste buds it is a bad thing. I have had to give helpful husband some cooking time, this is a mixed blessing, he wants to be helpful and do everything perfectly for me which is incredibly nice yet this involves lots of questions of how to do things. That can be as tiring as doing the jobs myself. Sorry helpful husband, I have made a pact to stay out of things and not tell helpful husband how to do things unless he asks. For a control freak such as me that is really really hard!!!

So no recipes today apart from to reccomend Jamie Oliver's slow cooked pork shoulder....mmmmmm mmmmm

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