Wednesday 3 March 2010

Soups and settees

Well although I am still pretty much settee stuck again I have made it out of the house..Gasp...I managed to get to Sainsburys with kind husband yesterday evening. It was a very quick visit and I was exhausted afterwards but it had to be done, I was going stir crazy and that is not good for a marriage. Cranky me???? I am still suffering from lack of baking and pottering in my kitchen but I guess something had to give. I have however, had time to potter on the Big pooter and make some art work. Frustrating at times but finished now and I am rather proud of what I have achieved, I only hope no 1 nephew likes it as it is birthday present. I went for the personal touch this time. Now all I have to do is think of something for no 1 nephew's partner!

I lied actually, I have bn in the kitchen today, I made a soup! I don't know about anyone else but when I am under par I crave Heinz tomato soup. I can't eat it and that is a shame. Today whilst cooking left over soup I made the holy grail of dairy free cream of tomato tasting soup. I was amazed and aghast.

Dairy free Cream of tomato soup.

Half a butternut squash roasted
tin tomato puree
some stock

As usual I just bunged it all in a saucepan, cooked it up and then blitzed it to a pulp and voila tomato soup.

A strange way to discover my own creamy soup and considering there is no cream in it and relatively little tomato it strangely works.

Now all I have to remember to have around is roasted squash!!! Oh yeah and make it for husband.

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