Friday, 19 March 2010

home again, home again jiggety jig.

A day away from home with the Childe and the "grandkids". Golly gosh I'm knackered. They sure do know how to tire out a Chouet. It was as usual though a lovely time, lots of hugs and snuggles and this time the added bonus of hysterical laughter.

We decided to have some girly shopping time whilst Connor was at pre-school. Pink however did what was probably the sensible thing for her and went to sleep... Monster mine and I were shopping for a not mother mother of the bride outfit. We started off with some varied choices but soon got the hang of agreeing what was good to try on and what was not. We may have made a mistake when it came to a certain spotty number, looked gorgeous on the hangar but when on it reduced us to hysterics, the final straw was when I took it off it stood up on it's own. On reflection it may have been a bit poofy!!!! I am sure the Childe will agree. The other choices were just as random including the top that I couldn't even get over my head..... I did buy a dress though, and a skirt.... and the monster likes it, now all I need is a cardigan, shoes and a bag.... Not much really.

The evening was really good, bathtime fun with sprogs, and dinner with Da Jonathan a most enjoyaby fun evening. This morning I painted my girl, literally, her face I mean. She looked yummy but a bit more practice required. Also there was a small southern electric issue to deal with which some how seems to have landed in my lap...hmmmmmm

Still it's Friday, I'm home, and yes I have said this before but it's and pizza!!!!

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