Friday 26 March 2010


So I a trying this new physio thing to help with the pain, pacing, it is meant to relearn my body's tolerance to pain and I am sure it will work but putting it into practice is a whole new level of pain!!!! Pun intended.

I have to work on my baseline amounts that I can do without being in pain, so for instance I can do 3-4 minutes walking or standing then i have to change and position and do something else. That can get difficult especially when cooking, am I standing or walking in the kitchen and when it is time to change how on earth do you cook whilst sitting???? And don't even get me started on how I am supposed to shop properly!!!! Walk for 3-4 mins then stand or sit.... yeah right that will work when I am on a shoe hunt or a handbag hunt!!! I shall try it out on Monday when I tootle off to Reading. It will be interesting.

I will also have to stop my habit of overdoing it, no more big blow outs, lots of little and often with breaks. No more housework marathons. Actually is that a bad thing?

I will need to get my friends and family on side with this which is going to be hard for us all, how do we all learn new habits and how will I learn to let them guide me in what I do???

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