Monday 15 March 2010

Not blogging enough

Today I have been told off for not blogging enough. Yes Monster mine it's you. I do seem to be missing alot of days though. Its those days that disappear. You know the ones I mean, those days that start off with good intentions and degenerate into nothingness. It could be that I pick the pooter up to write but get ambushed by playing spider, it could be that I don't turn the pooter on at all and am busy cleaning, don't faint, it happens, it could be because I have gone out had some fun and then have no energy for blogging.

I have had a few of those settee days again and a few of those busy days where I rush around getting stuff done and regret it afterwards. I am on a hunt at the moment to find the ultimate non mother mother of the bride outfit. You know the one, killer outfit with matching accessories and shoes. Only trouble is I have no idea what I want, where to look and how much I am going to have to shell out..... My favourite shopping friend is a new mum but we are in talks to sort out a shopping visit. Thankfully. It will be a bit of a logistical nightmare but we are women we will manage it.

We had the usual travelling Mothers day, luckily I had had a non Mothers mothers day with my mum so we only had to travel to one mother. I did however have to bake lots of goodies for the various days, and not helpful husband was as his title suggests. It did cause some friction over the weekend but being adults,now don't laugh, we did manage to sort it out. Took some talking but thankfully, for once no big shouting!!!! Or no throwing things in the pool, well we don't have a pool so that could have been why!!!

Well I'm going to escape now, to the country and drool over houses.

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