Saturday 20 February 2010

Oh My I made pie

This week has just flown past covering most of the spectrum from lazy to downright busy. I spent Monday and Tuesday being a slug, I knew I had a busy end of week so I decided to log some settee time to allow myself to regain some energy. I had just about had enough of tv and settee when Wednesday was upon me, that was " yet another supreme visit from Mother" day which entails me getting up and rushing off to the station, running late as usual.

We decided to stop at Starbucks first for a much needed latte and that was where my day out ended! I had a dizzy turn and yes there are those who would say I am permanently dizzy but this was horrible. The room would swim, I would feel not quite sick but not quite right and I couldn't shake it, a soya latte, bar of plain choccy and a bottle of water all had no effect on it. I had to apologise to Mother, drive home, and yet again veg out in front of the TV. This time though we decided it was time for another dose of Greek sunshine in the form of Mamma Mia..Ahhhhhhh.... we didn't count the weeks to our holidays honest!

Thursday was another busy day, a drive down to Southampton for dinner out with The Girls. Geek husband had made a request for a stop at Richer Sounds.... men and their tech porn. I was to buy speakers, unfortunately I did not have the product number and only knew the brand name and Geek husband was usefully in a meeting. I wonder how many mad women Richer Sounds get in a day? I was successful though, a smile and a stooopid act generally works quite well I have found.

To make up for my lost Wednesday I hit Debenhams. It was fun, I bought shoes, make-up and clothes. I think the clothes might go back but no way is the make-up. I shrieked when I saw a Smash-box counter in there. My favourite lippy is mine again. I tried on some outfits for the Childe's wedding, no black, pretty, feminine, spring-like. All I can say on that subject is Bring me back the Black!!!!

Dinner with the girls was it's usual mix of laughter, gossip and in my case wine. Yummmmm

Friday morning was a shock to my system. The Childe wished me at her place for 10am for more wedding stuff, doesn't sound bad but it is the other side of town from Mother's and there were road-works everywhere. I left nice and early and only got angry with 2 other drivers. I think my Chelsea tractor must be invisible. Wedding stuff was sort of accomplished along with a very cold but pleasing visit to the park with the grandkids. I wish I had worn my Uggs though not heels for a park visit, Still Chouet always likes to look her best.....

Today we wine shopped and it was surprisingly hard, our usual store had very little choice in our price range which was very disappointing but Geek husband and I made up for it with a rather expensive New Zealand red. Drinking it now and I can say it was worth it. I had removed some frozen cooked turkey from the freezer, strange that, taking some thing frozen from the freezer, and then had to wrack my brain with what to do with it. One thing Munching husband and I have missed alot on this whole gluten and dairy free thing is a decent pie, and I can tell you from painful experience that making the pastry is not easy. Today I cracked it....

Pie Crust

1 1/2 cups plain GF flour
1/3 cup made up of a mix of cornflour and potato flour
60g each of dairy free marg and Trex or similar
1 egg
cold water.

Put flour and fat in a food processor (or rub in by hand) and blitz til a sandy consistency. Add the beaten egg and pulse then add cold water, and pulse again, just enough water to bring it all together. Put the pastry in the fridge for a minimum of 20 minutes then roll out between cling film. This is the easiest way to handle GF pastry which is drier and more fragile than normal pastry.

Stuffed Husband highly recommends the pastry and is now pondering on all his other favourite fillings. What have I done??????

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