Thursday 29 April 2010

Songs that reverberate

Well here I am in the kitchen, cooking as usual, and the Mamma Mia soundtrack is playing. There is one song on there that I always find poignant but today it struck a particular chord ( sorry couldn't resist the pun). If you know the film and are familiar with what is going on in my life at the moment you will probably have guessed which one it is. It gave me a strange old squiggle in the heart. Although the Childe's circumstances are slightly different and so is our relationship it did make me smile and cry. Letting go is hard and although she is gone, next weekend marks a new beginning for her and soon to be not son son-in-law. I am so very happy for them and so very proud of them and of what they have in their little family. I wonder do we ever appreciate what a parent ( or not) goes through as their children grow up and away from the nest? It is a natural progression and one that we all have done but until we ourselves can view it from both sides do we realise how much pleasure and pain there is involved on the part of the parent ( or not parent parent).

Mother said to me today that she was so proud of having me for a daughter and how proud she is of me as a person, well I don't tell her often enough but I am very proud of her too and after all where did I learn it from? As I said to someone the other day the person I most admire in the world is my Mother, she taught me about love and how it can transcend anything and how to be strong and caring. I hope I can give onwards even a small amount of her love and strength; if recent communications are anything to go by I have managed to do so.

She also said she was proud to have the Childe as her Grandaughter and for that again she deserves so much praise after all Nanny and she did start off the process of loving those not related and binding them close with ties of love and family. Maybe as the Childe and I progress we shall pass on all this emotional history to PP and on further. What a beautiful thought of all that love passing from generation to generation of strong women. Mustn't be sexist though, BM can pass it on too nothing wrong with emotionally strong men!

Well as I have sat here waxing lyrical about love... my onions and potatoes for the most delicious Tortilla Espanola have softened and browned nicely all ready for the final mix with eggs and frying. Now where did that sherry get to?

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