Friday 23 April 2010

tech head does cold turkey

How did I get to be such a tech head? Probably through marrying a geek? Though I have a sneaky suspicion that I was headed in that direction anyway. After all when I bought my first computer I did research all the technical terms and clue myself up as to what specs I wanted. I do like to know about what I am doing. Would that explain why I have so many shoes and handbags? Research!!!!
I now finding myself saying things to geek husband like " can I please have a separate computer to practice my Linux programming skills". It is a mite worrying and of course being me I shall redress the balance and do some shopping!!

Today though my addiction to all things techy brings with it a bad case of cold turkey as my wonderful, beautiful Hero (smartphone to all non techies) goes off with a nice UPS man to be repaired. Sigh, how will I manage for a week without being able to check my e-mails on an hourly (or more if truth be told) basis, check Facebook updates, surf the web, make dates on the calendar and a hundred and one other vitally important things? I may need to be surgically removed from my netbook after a week.

I hope the nice UPS man comes quite quickly 9am-1pm is a long time to wait and I need to get to Lexus in Bracknell. Some nice woman decided last week to drive off with the petrol pump still in her car! Yes I know, how? Well she did, the pump stayed in her car and the hose released and swung wildly about clanging itself down the side of my car causing lots of little bits of damage. So off I need to go to get a quote for the repair. What a nice way to end my good Samaritan week in Southampton. I ask you, do a good deed and where does it get you? Stressed that's where. It's not like I have a wedding to finish organising or anything......

On that note I must say that I have had a mad push and and done all but the soap buying! Food is ordered, wine is temptingly sitting in the hallway and deliveries are appearing daily. Now all I have to do is put it all together and give the Childe a wonderful day with no stress and loads of happy memories. Oh no just popped into my head have yet to find time to sort out broken tiara thingy.....sigh

But. but fret not today is Friday and as we all know that can and often does involve pizza and wine in our house. Roll on 6pm I say.

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