Monday 26 April 2010

Learning to let go

Why does loving someone come with hurt? You'd have thought that when you love someone, and remember love comes in many shapes and forms, that all would be well in the world. But what happens when you love someone too much? And you have to loosen the ties a little?

When you give love you obviously expect it to be reciprocated and it generally is but when one of you has a love that burns too fierce, too protective, too smothering what can you do?

Learning to let go is hard. Learning to let someone live their life without pressure from you is difficult. You want to give your all, you want to be there for them, important to them but sometimes maybe this is too much, just sometimes you have to accept that love although freely given is not necessarily quite as equal as you would like.

So there you are at that moment when you realise that your love has become smothering and slightly unwanted. You sigh, analyse, fret and hurt but what else can you do? If you do really unselfishly love that person you have to loosen the ties a little, not cut them completely but learn to back off, love from a slightly safer distance. Allow them room to breathe. Maybe if you are lucky the road becomes smoother and you move towards a place in the future where both of you are comfortable again. With luck.

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