Tuesday 3 April 2012

Weekends come and go and crafty fingers itch

It's Tuesday already, where did the weekend go? I know mine didn't go quite as planned, there was no reading marathon and definitely no crafting marathon. I was a bit peeved about this, there is nothing I like better than spending the weekend curled up with a good book, and a huge heap of card projects. I did manage to feed Mother bacon sarnies and Husband an obscene amount of bacon and egg butties though. Does that count as being productive??? Also the filing cabinet was relieved of some of it's load, is it only me or does paperwork reproduce whilst hiding away from prying eyes?

I did manage to take the new bag out for a quick peek of daylight, I can assure you that it was suitably grateful to be seen in Sainsburys, maybe not the surroundings it imagined itself in but the words beggars and choosers spring to mind.

I have managed some crafting today, my monthly Craft club on a Tuesday, and good fun it was too, we tried our hands at Iris folding, I had never done this before and did not take to it at all quickly, apparently I was quite vocal in my opinion! I don't see it myself, I am never vocal - honest. But I did manage to make a credible job of it and although I like the effect I can't see myself doing too much of it, my heart belongs to ink and stamps I fear. As usual when I have spent the morning out crafting I have the itchy, crafty fingers when I get home, I did put it off long enough to get lunch but now once this has been written I may have to move down a position on the desks, there is a siren call, I can hear it quite loudly.

So there we have it, my weekend came and it went on a pile of 6 wine bottles, and now the week is slowly slipping by, soon it will be the long Easter weekend and I will wonder where that has gone too......

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