Saturday, 7 April 2012

Seemed like a good idea

Easter weekend and all is fine with the world, well apart from the small issue in our house of no Easter chocolate. Now as a witch obviously Easter is not high on the list of things that I celebrate, however I am quite partial to spending Easter Sunday slugging on the settee with a pile of chocolate. This is not going to happen this year, a small hitch with the internet and delivery. The yumptious order of choccy due to be delivered on the 5th is now coming on the 10th! Not entirely in time for Easter. Now the nice people at Hotel Chocolat have done their best to make amends, they are refunding the cost of the whole order and giving me a £25 credit on my account and I still get to keep the choccy, but not eat it til Tuesday! Will there be any left for Husband?

Saturday afternoon seemed a good day to do a spot of crafting, just a small amount you know. I had some wonderful ideas that I wanted to do, I had written them down in my inspiration book and started them off. Then something happened, as it quite often does, the idea did not match upcwith the reality. Art imitating life? Or just life? The things that we start, with definite ideas of how they will look or turn out that end up not what we expected. I am not saying that this is a "bad" thing, just the way it is. More often than not the end result is better than the original, a srprise that works well but there might sometimes be a niggle that thinks the original would have been best. My cards definitely seem to do this. This afternoons were no exception, the ideas were there, the finished articles however bore little or no relation to them.....

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