Thursday 12 April 2012

Chocolate dreams

My chocolate order turned up today, finally, my Easter munching can begin. After a weekend when I felt decidedly left out from all the fun I can now assume the position of sloth on the settee and settle down to enjoy my delights. I've nicely parcelled up Husband's share, it looks suitably pretty and non masculine but I am sure he will enjoy the contents none the less. I can smell the chocolate, it's sweet smell is wafting at me, taunting me, begging me to eat it, maybe not all at one go, perhaps I can make it last 2 days at least...... But why does chocolate hold such a sway over us? When we are happy, in love or celebrating we are given chocolates, when we are sad, down or blue we are given chocolates, when we need a treat or feel we deserve a reward guess what we reach for? That dark seductive stuff, the stuff that melts in our mouths, the stuff that gives us such a rush of bliss that other pleasures can pale in comparison....Chocolate. It doesn't matter what type you go for the dark, 70% truly adult taste, the smooth creamy Galaxy bar or, the undeniable winner for most, Cadburys dairy milk the effect is the same instantaneous mouth rush of pleasure! Oh for God's or Goddess's sake stop... I can only eat dark chocolate, dairy free milk chocolate is a joke and I long for the taste of milk choccy, it's only been 4years and about a month since I last had any, not that I am counting you know. There are some things I will break my gluten and dairy free rules for and suffer the consequences but dairy chocolate is not one. Why? Because one bite and I will be hooked again, well and truly caught in the trap and I will have to cold turkey, again, to wean myself off. So rather than go down that route I refuse all offers and temptations, it is not easy it is not pretty at times when I am drooling but I will not succumb. No, never, not again. The absolutely sublime taste of Hotel Chocolat's Gianduja will more than suffice. it will have to, and thankfully the nearest shop is in Guildford or Basingstoke or mail order so instant choccy fix for me, for that my waistline thanks me!

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