Tuesday 27 March 2012


Today as I merrily craft along I have had an epihany, I don't just like craft, it is a compulsion. I must craft. It is that simple, I need to do this, I must get dirty, inky, covered in glitter, frustrated when things don't go along with the vision in my head and elated when I produce something worthwhile. If i don't I suffer strange pangs and knawing sensations in my belly and my fingers tingle until I walk into the work-room sit down and.....begin! There is that moment when you see something that inspires you, whether it be another crafter's creation, a pattern or some other image that draws you to recreate that feeling as best you can in your chosen medium. Concentration, blinkered sight, and all the world is ignored until you sit back and look at what you have created. Then you can breathe and smile happily: and preferably show it to someone, anyone, who will be awed by your talent. There is nothing like it, well there are a few things but they might not be for public consumption.....
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