Wednesday 28 March 2012

Bags, bags, bags

Sigh, I think I need to rob a bank, either that or get a handle on my bag addiction. I have fallen in love with yet another bag, do you want to know the details? It's a Coach bag it's beautiful and perfect for the summer, quite small for me too, but, yes there is always a but, it's £275..... For a bag, I know. I could tell myself of the quality of Coach bags, they are incredibly well made and good quality and I have one already so I do know, but still I come back to the slight, teeny tiny issue of cost. More to the point I am sitting here credit card at the ready willing myself to order it ( or not if you listen to the angel on the other shoulder) and I haven't even seen it in reality. Am I really going to go to Westfield or Bond Street just for a bag???? Don't answer that!

I know I will buy it, I will forgo many things to do this, more "essential" crafting equipment and supplies, clothes, shoes, yes even shoes would be foregone for this bag, it has taken on such a lustre in my soul. I could split it interest free over a couple of months and still have some play money. Let's face it I will have this bag! The last time I felt like this over a bag I didn't buy it and spent 3 years whimpering about it until Mother, dear Mother, bought it as a combined Christmas present and thank-you present. I outright cried on Christmas day at the sight of my Mulberry Bayswater, in oak, a classic. Now of course there is a little devil which sits there saying " ooooo get more in different colours", bad devil. Said Coach one is a bargain compared to the Mulberry habit!

This also raises another query in my mind, how can one who is Witch, wise to the ways of nature and the seasons, eco friendly and spiritual, be quite so materialistic when it comes to bags??????? Or Shoes???????

Luckily the very nice man in the Coach shop says they are out of stock. I'm not fretting, he has my details to let me know when they come back in stock.

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