Thursday 2 September 2010

So today I went Boot shopping, oh I was so looking forward to my Boot shopping expedition. I had even taken along a pair of my own fair socks with which to try on said boots. Well not fair socks to be truthful, more like black and boring but you get the idea. I had looked and looked on-line for inspiration and had to go to M&S anyway to take back a top I didn't like and get shrinking husband some new jeans so it seemed serendipitous to shop for boots as well.

I tried them on, honest I did, some nice chunky ones to go with jeans, very nice they were with distressed tan leather and chunky sole, not daughter daughter would like them I am sure, just the right height for the school run and a nice thick sole for the gravel driveway. Well I liked them too but the 5s were too big and the 4 1/2s were a smidge too small..............grrr shall we say. Still all was not lost there were after all another 3 -4 pairs in my basket to try on. Yes you know what is coming, not one pair did I come out with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not even the funky, chunky, black witchy lace up ones, now wouldn't that be good, a withcy with a pair of modern witchy boots. They were cool, but maybe a bit high, sigh, the flat ones before you ask looked awful, I don't think I do flats very well. My short stumpy legs need heels. So there we are a very unsuccessful boot shopping experience, still I am off to Reading with shopping friend on Tuesday so maybe, who knows, what I will find there. If I haven't succumbed to the lure of New Look tomorrow that is!!!!!!!!!!

So as I said to my soon to be departed witchy friend, I worship at the great high magic of M & S and the shamanic practice of shoe shopping! Only today my magic deserted me.

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